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ESD protection concepts and services

ESD protection concepts and services


It is difficult to imagine life without intelligent systems and smart technologies. Electronic components such as sensors and controls are becoming increasingly important in countless areas. Almost all of these components belong to the group of ESD-sensitive components. Consequently, many manufacturing companies are sooner or later confronted with the challenge of ESD protection. Therefore, febana Feinmechanische Bauelemente GmbH began to address electrostatic-sensitive components and ESD protection measures at an early stage in order to meet the needs of our customers right from the start. By introducing tailor-made ESD concepts in our production, we are able to guarantee a constant high product quality. This is always based on individual considerations and customised measures. It was the raising of our employees' awareness and the continuous training of our measurement technicians as well as extensive investments in the latest measurement technology that made this possible in the first place.

our measuring methods

  • Measurement of the discharge resistance and discharge capacity of a surface to ground
  • Measurement of discharge velocity using Charge Plate Monitoring
  • Measurement of surface charging by means of an electric field meter
  • Measurement of the interaction between employees and ESD materials (shoes, clothing, flooring,...)

benefit from our experience

We are happy to support your company in the creation and implementation of a customised ESD protection concept.
We individually match all ESD protection measures to your company, your products and the environment.  Cost-effective solutions and safe production processes are the main focus for us right from the start. Our experienced colleagues check the conditions and the product qualification of the articles used. This way, we can ensure that the equipment you have already installed meets the requirements and that the function of safe ESD protection is guaranteed. Alternatively, we support you in the selection of suitable materials and products.

services overview

  • Providing advice on setting up ESD protected areas and ESD compliance programmes
  • Planning of ESD protection zones (EPA - ESD protected area)
  • Carrying out walk-through tests and ESD measurements in accordance with DIN 61340
  • Inspection of ESD workplaces and protected areas
  • analysis and enhancement of existing ESD control programmes
  • Product qualification according to DIN 61340
  • External ESD coordination within your company
  • Raising employee awareness and training
  • Regular evaluation of all ESD protection measures

    Contnious protecttion and regularity

    To safeguard the quality of our work, all measurements we perform are carried out in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1 and confirmed by a measurement report. To permanently ensure ESD protection, we recommend periodic checks of the protective measures and follow-up measurements in all ESD protection areas. The following points are considered repeatedly:

    • EESD flooring and ESD protective mats
    • Ionisers (for discharging air and surfaces)
    • ESD tables and table mats
    • Seating and chairs
    • Shelves, cupboards and trays
    • Vehicles and trolleys
    • Packaging materials
    • Antistatic straps / wrist earthing straps
    • Clothing, shoes and gloves


    You would prefer to focus on your core business, but don't want to disappoint your customers?
    The effort required to introduce a reasonable ESD protection concept does not seem cost-effective to you at the moment? Or you simply need more production capacity?


    As a competent production service provider, we are happy to take over the manufacturing and assembly of your ESD-sensitive components and produce them for you in our ESD room. In addition, we have further ESD workstations at our subsidiary SF Schalter GmbH.

    You can find more information about our services and expertise, as well as our products, on these pages. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for a personal consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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